Rock Kidz Parents

About The Star PAC

Classes for Rock Kidz (our children’s ministry) will be held at supporting spaces such as The Star Gallery, The Star Studios and The Star Loft at The Star PAC.

If you choose to attend a service at The Star PAC, your children aged 12 and below will need to attend Rock Kidz classes. We apologise that we are unable to accommodate parents who may wish to sit together in the theatre with their children aged 12 and below.


Booking Your Kids’ Classes

If you choose to attend a service at The Star PAC, please use NOAH to book spaces for your children in their respective Rock Kidz classes. Your children will first need to be added to your NOAH profile. Booking is required for all four services for Rock Kidz classes.

Please book them into their classes when you book your own seats by choosing either the “Rock Kidz Parent Seat Allocation” option or the “Main Congregation Seat Allocation” option. The two options offer different seat sections for you within the theatre. As your children’s class registration will take time, we encourage you to come 45 minutes before the 1st and 2nd services start, or 30 minutes before the 3rd and 4th services start, to register your children and be seated on time to enjoy the full service.

For more information on how to use NOAH, please see the section on NOAH.


Registration And Dismissal

For a quicker and fuss-free registration and dismissal process, servers carrying mobile validators will be on hand to conduct health checks and log in your children’s attendance.

For newcomers, please proceed to our Rock Kidz Information Counter at the Box Office on Level 3. Our servers will help to register your children.

Registration Timings

All Classes
1st service7.45am
2nd service10.45am
3rd service2pm
4th service5pm
For Faith Kidz
Available for 2nd service at MBS only.

Please ensure that your mobile phone is set to vibration mode when you attend the English service. This will enable us to contact you should the need arise.

Dismissal Timings

Please pick your child up personally and promptly after the service. Youths from Fearless! will be dismissed on their own.

All Classes
1st service10.30am–11am
2nd service1.30pm–2pm
3rd service4.30pm–5pm
4th service7.30pm–8pm
For Fearless!
1st service10.30am
2nd service1.30pm
3rd service4.30pm
4th service7.30pm


Class Venues

All Rock Kidz classes at The Star PAC are held on levels 3, 4 or 11.

Fearless! children should take the lift at Level 1, Lift Lobby B to Level 11. Look out for our Rock Kidz servers or signs for directions to the registration area. For children in other classes, proceed up the escalator next to Rock Gifts and Books Centre on Level 2. Upon reaching Level 3, Rock Kidz servers or signs will be available to direct you to the respective registration areas.

Click here to refer to our floor plans.


Important Information

Make plans to leave home early and come 45 minutes before service so that you will have ample time to register your children and enter The Star Theatre to enjoy the full service. The access gates will open one hour before service starts and all unoccupied seats will be released 15 minutes before service begins to congregation members waiting in the walk-in queue.

To facilitate easier access in and around The Star PAC, please avoid bringing strollers where possible.

Attending Services With Your Children
We apologise that we are unable to accommodate parents who may wish to sit with their children aged 12 and below. If you choose to attend a service at The Star PAC, your children aged 12 and below are welcome to attend Rock Kidz classes where lessons are tailored to their age, and they can make friends and encounter Jesus.

If you need time to take this step of sending your children to Rock Kidz, our service venue at Marina Bay Sands provides a transitional environment where parents can sit with their children.

Registering More Than One Child
If you have more than one child, do register your children from Mighty!, Beloved and Treasured first before heading to the Champions and Alive! area to avoid congestion.