Attending Services At The Star PAC

Before Services

Our Sunday English services and Encounter Nights will be held at The Star Theatre. Classes for Rock Kidz (our children’s ministry) are available only on Sundays and will be held at supporting spaces such as The Star Gallery, The Star Studios and The Star Loft.

For more restful Sunday experiences at The Star PAC, we are introducing NOAH (NCC’s Online Access Hub). It aims to enhance church life and allows congregation members to conveniently book seats for our Sunday English services and Rock Kidz classes at The Star PAC. As entry to The Star Theatre for the first two English services on Sundays is by advanced seat reservation, you can now come to church assured that you have a designated seat! Seat booking is not required for the 3rd and 4th services on Sundays except for Rock Kidz parents.

Simply log on to NOAH in advance to book seats for the upcoming Sunday English service. For Sunday English services, booking starts every Tuesday at 8.30am for the 1st service and 11.30am for the 2nd service, up to two hours before each of the first two services on Sunday. To enter The Star Theatre for service, tap your access media linked to your NOAH account at the access gates. Find out more about NOAH here.

Congregation members who prefer not to book seats for Sunday English services may proceed directly to our other service venues. Alternatively, you can visit the 3rd or 4th service at The Star PAC where seat booking is not required. For the latest updates on the availability of our service venues, view our calendar.


Arriving At The Star

After booking your seats for one of the first two English services, via NOAH, you are all set to visit The Star PAC! Just remember to bring along your registered access media and breeze your way through the access gates to your reserved seats.

What time to arrive?

Give yourself time to travel and arrive at The Star PAC, pass through the access gates and be seated inside The Star Theatre before service starts. The access gates will open one hour before service.

If you are a Rock Kidz parent attending our Sunday English services, we encourage you to book your seats under “Rock Kidz Parent Seat Allocation” for any of the four services. Do arrive early to send your children to Rock Kidz, so that you can enjoy the full service.

Congregation members who have not entered The Star Theatre 15 minutes before service starts will be treated as “no show”. In such cases, your seats will be given up to walk-in congregation members.

Forgot your seat information?

We encourage you to print the booking confirmation email and bring it with you to service, so that you can get to your seat quickly and smoothly. However, should you need help with your seat information, you may approach any of our ushers.

Forgot your access media?

If you have booked your seats but do not have your access media with you, you may approach our ushers for assistance. For a hassle-free entry into The Star PAC, remember to bring your registered access media with you.

If you need any other help while at The Star PAC, look out for our friendly ambassadors who will be stationed all over The Star to guide you.

Arriving without booking?

If you would like to attend services at The Star PAC but were unable to book seats, you can join us at the walk-in queue. Head to The Star Terrace, the outdoor amphitheatre at Level 3, and our ushers will assist in locating unoccupied seats for you in The Star Theatre. Do note that seats are subject to availability and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

If you need any other help while at The Star PAC, look out for our friendly ambassadors who will be stationed all over The Star to guide you.


After Services

We welcome new believers or newcomers to visit the Connect Points. Our leaders and ambassadors would love to meet you and bless you with Christ-centred materials by Pastor Joseph Prince.

If you need healing from God, please also join us at our Healing Room. We are here to pray with you.

Click here to find out more about other amenities available.